Gateway your information
secure with the L1SmartSolutions solution

Protocol Manages the Mesh network protocol for all connected devices


L1 Orchestration
Integrates two or more services, automating the process and / or synchronization of data in real time


L1 Discovery
Automatic “Plug & Play” device discovery service


Responsible for communicating with all new devices and inserting them into the system for management


L1 Dispatcher
Controls all devices connected to the L1 Gateway


Local data storage and access control rules. Sending and receiving data every 5s even when you lose access to the global internet


L1 Drive Connector
Manages the solution drivers for each type of device

Synchronizes and sends in real time the data collected by the sensors

The L1 Gateway supervision module is responsible for the control and data storage of the controllers that make up the L1SmartSolutions system.
The devices connect through the Plug & Play system to the L1 Gateway, allowing immediate and uncomplicated management of infrastructure equipment.

The L1 Gateway is responsible for synchronizing the data with the central servers, which send the information to the L1 servers on the internet, allowing the control and monitoring of the system remotely and in real time.
Through a web / mobile platform, it is possible to perform the configuration and monitoring of all system parameters remotely, generate graphs of the values ​​measured in sensors and send commands to the system modules, in addition to visualizing in real time the operation of each device.

Cómo funciona


The Gateway is responsible for the communication between the controllers and the servers, allowing the synchronization of the collected data in real time, allowing the system to be accessed from any location, for control or monitoring of the solutions.

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