1. What does L1 SmartSolutions products does?

They are equipment developed with the purpose of helping companies to manage and control infrastructure items, such as lighting, air conditioning, among others, assisting in the energy saving.

2. What is IoT?

Internet of Things. It is the technology that allows daily objects connect on internet to be managed and controlled.

3. How can I buy this products?

Through one of our autorizate resells. You can find the list here

4. Are these products for automation?

Yes, L1 Smartsolutions products are aimed at automation, management and monitoring infrastructure.

5. What does the light system do?

It is the part responsible for the automation of the lighting system.

6. Can I manage by web or is there any app needed to be installed?

The L1 Smartsolutions platform is entirely WEB, does not require the installation of any APP and can be accessed from any device, notebook, smartphone or tablet.

7. Can I recive notifications in my smartphone?

Yes, the L1 Smartsolutions system can send notifications of Alarms and alerts, by email and Whatsapp.

8. What does the HVAC system do?

It is responsible by the management and control of machines and air conditioned, being able to turn on, turn off, control the temperature and save energy.

9. After installing and configuring, the solutions working immediately?

Yes, the system is fully integrated and all modules talk to each other.

10. It is necessary to run wiring to connect the equipments?

No, the system works using WiFi

11. How can I access the data generated by the system?

Just have an internet connection and access the web address indicated on the product, enter with username and password and the entire platform will be available.

12. How does the Battery system works?

It works by making repeated readings of the voltage of each of the batteries and monitoring the room temperature. This way he can check which cells have non-standard readings and send alerts to the system administrator.

13. Is the gateway a mandatory item?

It is not a mandatory product, but it will depend a lot on the project and the type of solution that will be employed. Our resellers are able to present the best solution for your business.

14. Where is the better place to install the equipments?

The main restriction is that the equipment is not located outdoors, subject to the incidence of sunlight and rain.

15. If there is a problem with my equipment, what guarantee does L1SmartSolutions offer?

The products are guaranteed for 12 months against manufacturing defects.

16. The Energy product, helps to save energy?

This product was developed to be a monitor of electrical circuits and to assist in the consumption verification and possible failures in the electrical installation. In a way it can rather help to save, because it provides important information for decision making.