L1 Access Control accesses,
make the records remotely and in real time

A liberação de acesso pode ser acionada remotamente


Allows access control to environments


Centralized management: images in real time (centralized or over the internet)


Registration of biometrics and RFID cards on any reader installed on the network


Historical record of all access attempts


As a Service NOC 24x7 mode

Manages and controls access in real time

Developed to be a safe and viable alternative, for restricted access environments, in face of the high-cost solutions available in the market. Access control works with biometric readers, radio frequency (RFID) and electromagnetic locks or solenoids, allowing multiple devices to be controlled remotely.

With decentralized registration, the manager can register or block a user remotely. The solution allows the registration of alarms, which are sent in real time, as well as the automation of an immediate action, if necessary. The configuration of the alarms allows greater control and visualization of the attempts of improper accesses. The solution also allows integration with cameras where not only access control, but the photographic record must be integrated on a single platform.

Cómo funciona


Access control that works with biometric sensors, radio frequency (RFID) and electromagnetic locks or solenoids, allowing various devices to be controlled, such as: doors, gates and turnstiles. It has an integration system with cameras to record images at the time of access.

Icone Decentralized registration
Icone Real-time alarms
Icone Flexible permissions
Icone Remote management
Icone Integrations with cameras