Solutions forTechnical Rooms

Win efficiency and productivity.

The L1 SmartSolutions solution allows monitoring various variables in the technical rooms through installed sensors that collect data from the equipment and send it to the servers. The platform has the ability to make an automatic decision, based on parameters pre-established by the user (ex. Turn on the air conditioner if the temperature reaches 30 °C). When any non-compliance is identified, the platform generates alarms which can be sent through different channels (SNMP, E-Mail, WhatsApp).

All actions can be carried out remotely, via the Internet and in real time, guaranteeing the security and integrity of the assets. Extend the availability of technical rooms by actively monitoring all parameters of your infrastructure, anticipating failures and scheduling maintenance with more assertiveness and efficiency. Control all accesses in your technical rooms. Reduce maintenance costs. Have all the data in real time.


Fault sensor

Real-time notifications of any and all errors that may happen in your technical rooms.

Optimal temperature

History of all measurements performed and allows the analysis of symmetry and an increase in the life of the battery bank.

Safe room

All registration and access attempts, completely controlling your technical rooms.


Synchronize and send - in real time the data collected by the sensors - The Gateway allows all collected data to be synchronized with the central servers that send the information to the L1 servers on the Internet, allowing the system to be accessed from any location, for control or monitoring of the solutions. Secure Information Storage remote Control and Monitoring intelligence added to the Asset plug & Play System


Equalize and monitor - in real time the quality of each cell of the battery bank - Monitors battery banks applied in critical mission environments, providing real-time visualization of the bank’s quality and extending the lifespan with an active battery equalization.


Manage and control - the access in real-time - Access control that works with biometric sensors, radio frequency (RFID), and electromagnetic or solenoid locks, allowing several devices to be controlled, such as doors, gates, and turnstiles. It has an integrated system with cameras to record images at the time of access.


Manage and control - in real time the illumination split in each environment - Allows the management of the illumination in all environment using luminosity and presence sensors, making the readings in the surroundings and providing only the necessary lighting.


Control and monitor - in real time the air conditioning equipment - The solution enables the control and monitoring of industrial air conditioning equipment in critical mission environments in real time, providing total remote supervision of the equipment.


Manage and monitor - in real time switchboards - With the L1 Energy solution we bring intelligence to your company’s electrical infrastructure, by the monitoring and managing of electrical quantities in primary circuits. The solution L1 also allows the individual monitoring of secondary circuits through expansion modules