L1 Safety add
intelligence to the emergency buttons

Easy to install device with WiFi communication


Manage all alarms from a single interface


Luminous indication of activation on the device itself


Have access to all data through a control center or via the internet


Record of all triggers as well as the history of individual negotiations

Monitors and manages emergency alarms in real time

With L1 Safety, all emergencies can be communicated in real time via a button. As soon as the button is activated, the solution emits an audible alert and the control panel indicates where the device was activated, initiating the negotiations. Being able to enable a signal where it was triggered, as in hospital beds. Allows you to monitor all your environments simultaneously, responding to alerts in real time.

The solution is installed in the defined locations or equipment. When the signal is activated, it is sent to the monitoring center that receives all the information from the registered places. Ideal for schools, hospitals and places that require extra security with accurate information.

How it works


With the L1 Safety solution, monitor and control emergency bells, with immediate and centralized responses

Icone Real-time alerts
Icone Integration with monitoring systems
Icone Centralized management
Icone Alarm identification
Icone Security of alarms and attempts