L1 Energy Individual
monitoring of each circuit

Fault and event alarms


Parameter customization


As a Service NOC 24x7 mode


Real-time configuration and monitoring


Communication with gateway through WiFi Mesh technology


Stores readings (history) for graphing


Instantly monitors RMS values: voltage; chain; power.

Manages and monitors electrical panels in real time

Operates in the monitoring and management of electrical panels in input circuits, the L1 Energy modules make it possible to manage and monitor secondary circuits individually.
It allows the control of several devices simultaneously, resulting in a complete view of the system, allowing to monitor the quality of the energy used.

The L1 Energy solution monitors and manages the electrical panels in real time, providing a visualization of individual consumption of environments and / or machines, monitoring the quality of the energy received.
Ideal for corporate environments that require individual reading control, such as: Telecommunications stations; Rectifier / UPS rooms; Substations; Battery rooms; Data Centers; Corporate IT; Commercial and industrial buildings; Shopping Centers; Industries.

How it works


With the L1 Energy solution, we insert intelligence into your company's electrical infrastructure, with the monitoring and management of electrical quantities in the input circuits of the power panels. The L1 solution also allows the monitoring of secondary circuits individually, through expansion modules.

Icone Quality of power supplied
Icone Analysis of individual consumption
Icone Remote management
Icone Use rationalization
Icone Fault identification